About us

Sisters’ Camelot is a 23 year old 501c3 nonprofit that has been gifting free food to communities in throughout the Twin Cities.  It has gone through many phases and many people have supported it throughout the years.  It was created as a rainbow hippy bus with the intention to cultivate community and nurture people with healthy organic food.  It grew into a collectively run organization with a warehouse, 2 buses and a relatively large team of people.   We have had ups and downs over the years but have consistently served our community.  We have persisted, the buses have changed, the people have changed, but throughout all these years, the food continued flowing out and people were fed.

Today, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the past, we are redesigning the organization based on permaculture principles and ethics.  This design offers greater efficiency, diversity, and strength to the organization and its purpose of feeding the hungry and inspiring the world.  As a part of this design we are creating an organizational culture that will be the foundation for all those who get involved.  This culture is based on our collective ideals and gives us the compass from which we can navigate.